Study Material

Thank you for booking with SA Boat Licence Course

We’ve organized your pre-course material below. We’ll go through the relevant education on the day, but the following material will give you that extra edge and enhance your level of knowledge. Although extremely rare, students are sometimes unsuccessful. To avoid this, make sure you can nail the practice tests & material available below.

Remember, it is mandatory that you bring acceptable ID. We require 3 forms of acceptable ID to be shown at the course. As an example, you could bring a drivers licence, medicare card & a bank card. For details, see below. You will be unable to complete the course with insufficient ID.

SA Study Guides

This handbook covers all education related to boating safety in South Australia. We recommend understanding the basics within this book before attending the course. It has been split up into guides so it’s easier for you to find and study the areas in which you may struggle. Note: guide 1 has been removed until further notice pending some inbound legislative changes.

Exam Questions

Click here to have a crack at the practice SA Boat Licence questions. You can attempt these as many times as you like & no one is notified of your results. These questions are similar to the ones you face on the day so they’re great practice to do.

Evidence Of Identity

ID is mandatory for the course. You cannot complete the course without it. When you arrive, you must present at least three documents as evidence of identity:

  • one item from category A and two items from category B


  • two items from Category A and one item from category B
  • at least one item verifying your current South Australian residential address
  • evidence of change of name if you have changed your name or your name is different on the documents presented.

The three documents presented must together provide your full name, signature, date of birth and current residential address. If these documents do not verify your current residential address you must provide a fourth document from the ‘Evidence of residential address for registration and licensing purposes’ category.

As an example, an SA Drivers Licence, Medicare Card & Bank (debit/credit) Card is acceptable.

See here for full details on Evidence Of Identity.

Thank You For Booking With SA Boat Licence. We Look Forward To Seeing You At The Course!